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Hi! Welcome.

If you’re here for a creative powerhouse, room-rocking DJ, or professional drone pilot, you’ve come to the right place.


Zack of All Trades

Marketing Executive | Creative Strategist | Brand Accelerator | Designer | Fabricator | Festival & Event Producer | International DJ

“Define your authentic purpose. Place it in the sky as your North Star. Now confidently hold your hand on the rudder of your ship, never losing sight of that star. ”

-Zackism #42

My Focus

Executive Leadership

Marketing Strategy

Graphic Design & Production

Brand Storytelling

Creative Direction

Public Speaking

Corporate Social Responsibility

PR & Communications

Go To Market Strategy

Digital Marketing

Sustainable Packaging

Production Management

Data-Driven Engagement

Photography & Direction

Drone Pilot Aerial Video

Stage & Environment Design

Music & Event Production

About Zack

As a proven growth driver in high-performing industries, Zack Darling collaborates within creative and strategic teams as a leader and marketing executive to enhance brand value and drive sales. Specializing in purpose-driven ventures, highly regulated industries, lifestyle brands, consumer packaged goods, sustainable enterprises, and live events, Zack supports growth through omni-channel brand strategy, public relations, campaign planning, retail marketing, data-driven digital solutions, and tactical execution for both B2B and B2C brands.

Zack is an award-winning brand builder with decades of experience in strategy and development for high-growth industries such as cannabis, wellness, luxury goods, lifestyle products, hospitality, apparel, photography, solar power, beer & wine, beverage, food products, hydroponics, festivals, restaurants, venues, artists & musicians, architects, authors and nonprofits.

Zack has served in executive leadership positions for fifteen years, working directly with founders, board members and investors. He is an awarded designer and board member of trade, industry and nonprofit organizations.